3 Staple Items To Transform Your Summer Wardrobe Into Autumn

3 Staple Items To Transform Your Summer Wardrobe Into Autumn

Summer seems to come to an end when the kids go back to school, halloween decorations appear in the shops and there are whispers of ‘Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?’

So naturally this seems the right time to put away the summer wardrobe and bring out the winter woolies. 

But whilst you dug out your puffer coat for your trip to do the food shop last week, the British weather sometimes likes to surprise us with an extra week or so of summer at the end of September.

Choosing the perfect wardrobe for this time of year can be tricky and this is where the beauty of transitional pieces come in… and the skill of layering needs to be mastered.

So before you pack away your summer dresses and cami tops, and bring out the knitwear, take a look at these three items which can transform your summer wardrobe into Autumn with minimal effort

1. A Blazer

“Workwear” or “posh dinners” aren’t the only two categories that a blazer needs to fit into. A blazer is one of those pieces which can be added to an outfit to dress it up, dress it down, or bring the whole look together.

When the weather is getting a little cooler, but not cold enough for a leather jacket or coat, try investing in a blazer. A blazer is the perfect piece to style with casual dresses, formal trousers, or even jeans.

No matter the occasion, a blazer can fit the bill…

Style your favourite summer dress with a belt, some chunky boots and a blazer to achieve the perfect Autumn outfit. 

Going for drinks with the girls? Pair a white tee with some denim jeans and a blazer.

Having a night out (or night in on a Zoom call in 2020)? Pair a ‘going-out’ dress with heels and a blazer.

It’s such a versatile piece and super easy to wear!

2. Floral dress

Heading into Autumn doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your summer dresses. When the weather turns a little cooler, simply add a white tee underneath the dress as an extra layer. Add in some chunky boots and a belt and the outfit is complete!

A leather jacket is another great piece to invest in during the transition between seasons, and it looks great paired with a floral dress!

And when the weather gets even colder, throw on a pair of wooly tights, boots and a chunky knit cardigan or jumper over the top of the dress. 

3. Boots

Once again, chunky boots have made a return this autumn/winter and I’m so glad. Boots are incredibly easy to style and they match so many different types of outfit. 

Chunky boots are another item which can be dressed up or down and they’re definitely one of the more comfy pieces of footwear to choose!

If chunky boots aren’t your style, another style which is super versatile is the knee high boot. These can be styled with leggings, jeans or dresses and are available in a variety of heel heights depending on your preference!