A Subscription Box... With A Twist of Raspberry

A Subscription Box... With A Twist of Raspberry

“Life is too short and the store is too far” – well… if that’s not an excuse for all of my online shopping then I don’t know what is…

That’s the tagline for Princess P Prosecco – a pretty new brand which basically BRINGS PROSECCO TO YOUR DOOR… EVERY MONTH.

Read that again and let it sink in.

Princess P Prosecco is a monthly subscription box for PROSECCO.

Yup… Prosecco. Genius.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the beauty subscription boxes around (just check my blog, I review loads!) and now all other kinds of boxes are cropping up… clothing… underwear… and even an electric toothbrush. So why not prosecco?

Princess P Prosecco Subscription Box - Miss Boux

Princess P Prosecco kindly sent me a box this month for me to try out and share with you guys… so here’s what I got…

  • 1x 750ml bottle of Premium Prosecco
  • 1x 50ml bottle of Absolut Raspberri Vodka
  • 2x Strawberry & Cream Retro Corn Popcorn (lush!)
  • 2x face masks
  • 1x bracelet

The little added extras were just the cutest! (Plus I’m a sucker for cute little bracelets…)

Face Mask - Princess P Prosecco Subscription Box - Miss Boux

The whole box was vegan too. Princess P cater to all kinds of dietary requirements to make sure their prosecco boxes can be enjoyed by anyone. So with my milk allergy, I opted for the vegan option.

(*Strange fact – Some wines and prosecco contain milk. Yup… milk. I know – how weird! I did a bit of Googling when I found out and it turns out the milk is used in the production of it.* This is kinda annoying because I can never ask for wine in a restaurant without asking the waiter to check if it contains milk… which obviously makes me look completely blonde!)

Cocktail Recipe - Princess P Prosecco Subscription Box - Miss Boux

In the box I also got a card which set out the ingredients and steps I needed to make two cocktails using what was in the box (and a few little extras). So the cocktails I could make were:

Raspberry Kiss Cocktail
A mix of Raspberri vodka, prosecco and a few raspberries in the glass

Raspberry Lemonade Princess P Punch
A mix of lemonade, prosecco, vodka, ginger ale and raspberry cordial… with a few raspberries thrown in.

Here’s what the end result looked like:

Raspberry Kiss Cocktail - Princess P Prosecco Subscription Box - Miss Boux

And they tasted lush! (Even if they did get me a little tipsy!)

Each month’s box has a theme based on the colour of the birthstone (such a cute idea!) but includes 1 or 2 bottles of prosecco, a miniature, a couple of snacks, a pamper treat and a surprise! The cocktail cards are also laminated so if you get a bit tipply after a tipple the card isn’t ruined and it can be saved with the rest, starting your own cocktail recipe collection!

If you wanna find out more about the subscription boxes, check out Princess P Prosecco’s website.

P.S. If you place an order in August they’re also throwing in a free gift… maybe a prosecco flute? Go find out! Here’s the link.