Best Jewellery Under $300

Best Jewellery Under $300

Jewellery is one of the small things that can make difference to an outfit. 

Whether it’s adding a delicate chain to an occasion dress, or a bold statement piece to a plain outfit, jewellery can add the finishing touches that make an outfit complete. 

When it comes to investing in jewellery, it’s sometimes difficult to find that balance between investing in high quality pieces that last, or keeping up with trends and opting for the cheaper costume jewellery.

But many high street brands are now offering a middle ground.

Runways displayed several new trends in Spring and Autumn 2020 and you can wear them too. From earrings and necklaces to hair slides and anklets, we have picked out X of the best jewellery pieces under $300, keeping you on trend and not breaking the bank. 

So if you’re looking to update your jewellery wardrobe, keep scrolling.

Chunky Chains

Thick jewellery and chunky statement chains have made a return this year and we’re excited! A simple piece like this is really easy to throw on with almost any outfit and you’re ready to go. 

Colourful Stones/Costume Gems

Next we’re adding a little colour to our accessories with these stones and costume gems. If you fancy switching up your plain jewellery with a pop of colour, these might be for you. If you don’t want to add too much colour, there are some of the more natural shades in the same design too.

Statement Chokers

Similar to chunky chains, a statement choker can complete an outfit and draw attention to the neck area. These aren’t for everyone but here are our favourite picks.

Hoops/Door Knockers

Hoops seem to always be on trend in one form or another and this season they’re back but supersized in both hoop size and thickness. Door knocker style earrings were also seen all over the runways, and like a statement necklace, the earrings alone can be the only accessories you need. 


Something a little different but if you want to inject a little fun into your accessories, jump on the star trend. Drop earrings with stars, and star hair accessories are really popular.


Not only are anklets on trend this season, but so is ‘shoe jewellery’ - shoes with the anklet/chain as a fastening around the ankle. Whilst these look incredible, instead of purchasing one pair of shoes with the anklet, pick up an anklet and wear it with several different pairs. Transform more than one pair of shoes with just one piece of jewellery.


If you thought pearls weren’t going to stick around for long, you were wrong. Pearls are in again this season but more natural shapes. 


Layered chains can easily be a statement necklace when worn together. You can choose a set of chains together, or mix and match. Layering is an easy way to stay on trend and get wear out of all of your favourite pendants.