Dior Beauty Advent Calendar 2023 Review

Dior Beauty Advent Calendar 2023 Review

Dior Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

The Dior Beauty Advent Calendar is back for another year and as always, the Dior lovers have much to anticipate on the run up to the festive season.

The 2023 edition was priced at £570, a £100 increase on the 2022 price, however it not only offers an exceptional unboxing experience but also presents a significant value, as the products inside are estimated to be worth well over £800.

Dubbed the "Le 30 Montaigne Holiday 2023 Advent Calendar," it's a nod to Dior's storied address and is inspired by the scenic beauty of the Tuileries Garden. Artistically designed by Pietro Ruffo, the calendar opens up to a spectacular display, each drawer pulling back to reveal a curated selection of Dior’s best in fragrance, skincare, and makeup. This advent calendar isn't just a collection of products—it's an invitation to journey through Dior's luxury and craftsmanship, making every day leading up to Christmas a moment of opulence and discovery.

The Design

The Dior Advent Calendar now comes snug in a dust bag, adding that extra touch of luxe right from the get go. It sports the stunning House of Dior design and even has feet to keep it secure wherever you choose to display it.

Gone are the days of the cardboard design where you had to rip open the doors each day like your standard chocolate calendar. This year, it’s all about those chic drawers! This means you can easily slide out your daily beauty treat without any damage, and the best part? You can reuse the calendar as a stylish storage option long after Advent is over.

The gorgeous design doesn’t stop at the exterior. It extends all the way inside—from the beautifully detailed front, through the insides of the doors, right up to the 'roof' of the house. It’s truly a piece of art!

The Contents

Inside the calendar are 24 miniature beauty products from the House of Dior including fragrance, makeup, skincare and scented candles.

1.J'adore Parfum d'eau

Day 1 starts strong with one of the newer fragrances from Dior, J'adore Parfum d'eau. It features a concentration of water and flowers and is described to reinvent the promise of pleasure that J'adore has held since 1999.

Jadore Parfum d'eau is an alcohol free formula that still has the same long lasting intensity of an eau d'parfum that stays true all day. The bottle is very similar to that of J'adore eau d'parfum, the only difference being the opaque white body of the bottle.

2.Rouge Dior 999 Velvet

The first makeup product of the calendar is found in drawer number 2. The Rouge Dior 999 Velvet lipstick is the iconic Dior red shade. It's enriched with red peony and pomegranate extracts and is complete with the signature band with the CD initials on.

Unfortunately this product arrived broken, as you can see from the images below, but after contacting Dior and sending the broken product to them, they provided a full size replacement.

3.Ambre Nuit Scented Candle

The first candle in this year's Advent Calendar is the Ambre Nuit scented candle. A stunning amber fragrance softened by sensual velvety accents, Dior describes the scent as an ambery floral fragrance vivified by soft spicy notes.

It's a small one wick candle, but a beautiful way to try the scent out before purchasing the larger size!

4.Capture Totale Le Serum 10ml

The first skincare product of the Dior Advent Calendar is the Capture Totale Le Serum, a youth revealing serum that works to visibly improve the appearance of the skin. This product was in the Dior Advent Calendar 2022 but as an iconic fave, that's expected.

Dior describes the serum as being infused with fermented longosa extract that promotes the revitalising potential of the skin. A study conducted concluded that women found their skin was visibly transformed after using the serum, with 80% of the signs of ageing visibly corrected.

With only 10ml in the Calendar it's unlikely that those effects will be shown but it's a great way to try the product out.

5.Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette

A twist on the iconic original Miss Dior Fragrance. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is in drawer number 5 in a slightly different shaped bottle than the previous year.

6.Dior Christmas Decoration

Each year the Dior Advent Calendar includes a keepsake in the form of a Christmas decoration. The 2023 Advent Calendar is no different. This year's ornament is wrapped in Dior tissue paper and housed in a textured box. The metal gold star is similar to the ornament featured in the 2022 Advent Calendar aside from it being slightly bigger this year. The design embossed on the ornament is the same as that of the Advent Calendar. A beautiful keepsake that can be brought out year after year.

7.Gris Dior Eau de Parfum

A Dior Signature Fragrance, Gris Dior is the first Unisex fragrance of the calendar. A beautiful scent with floral and woody notes, it makes a strong, recognisable statement.

8.Dior Vernis Gel Effect Shine & Wear Nail Polish - 108 Muguet

Perfect for those nail varnish, no nail varnish days is the shade 108 Muguet. A pale pinky-nude shade to add a subtle colour to the nails without making a bold statement.

9.Sauvage Eau de Toilette

As in previous years, the Dior Beauty Advent Calendar not only features female fragrances, but also male and unisex. The first male fragrance of the calendar is Dior Sauvage. A signature scent of citrus and amber, Sauvage is instantly recognisable and is a strong fave for Dior fans.

10.Saint Honore Scented Candle

The second candle of the calendar is the soft scent of Saint Honore. A new candle for this years calendar, featuring spicy floral, woody and vanilla notes.

11.Dior Prestige La Micro Huile De Rose Advanced Serum

Another repeat from the previous year's calendar but an iconic skincare product loved by many. The Dior Prestige La Micro Huile de Rose Advanced Serum helps the skin to recover its structure and replenish from within. It works to make the skin feel more plump and firm and look more radiant. A study found that skin appeared firmer after using for only 1 week - no wonder the high price tag!

The full size serum is 30ml and priced at £210, so the 10ml size found inside the calendar is worth £70.

12.Dior Vernis Gel Effect Shine & Wear 999

The second nail varnish in the calendar and it's the iconic Dior 999 red shade which matches the lipstick shade in Day 2 perfectly.

13.Jasmin des Anges Eau de Parfum

Another fragrance from the La Collection Privee, the premium line of fragrances from Dior. Jasmin des Anges features sweet, syrupy jasmine and creamy honey apricot notes to give fruity fullness.

The full size fragrance is 125ml and costs £245, so this 7.5ml bottle might look small but it's one of the more expensive fragrances Dior offers.

14.Rouge Dior 720 Icone Velvet Lipstick

The Rouge Dior 720 Icone Velvet lipstick arrived broken in day 14. Like the previous lipstick in day 2, the stop was squashed in the packaging and therefore a replacement was needed.

The shade is a beautiful shade of red, more of a brick red shade than 999.

15.La Mousse Off/On

The biggest product in the Advent Calendar so far! The Dior La Mousse Off/On is a 50ml foaming cleanser, designed to give skin 'off/on' cleansing.

The 'off' part of the cleansing works to eliminate excess sebum, impurities and makeup whilst the 'on' part soothes feelings of discomfort, reserves the skin's hydration and barrier function.

This was one of the newer skincare products so great to find in the Advent Calendar.

16.J'adore Eau de Parfum 5ml

The iconic original J'adore fragrance. A best-selling Dior fave which was almost expected to be included within the calendar.

17.Thé Osmanthus Scented Candle

The next candle is Thé Osmanthus, another repeat from the 2022 Dior Beauty Advent Calendar but a pretty scent that many will love.

18.Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

The iconic, original Miss Dior eau de parfum in it's stunning bottle.

19.Rouge Dior 100 Nude Look Velvet

The third and final lipstick of the Advent Calendar and unfortunately this one was damaged too. The Rouge Dior 100 Nude Look Velvet Lipstick is the perfect everyday warm nude shade. A repeat from the 2022 Advent Calendar but an iconic shade.

20.Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Volume and Curl Mascara in 090 Noir Black

The Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara features a curved wand with short bristles on one side and long on the other. The mascara includes 4g of product and is the perfect travel size.

21.J'adore L'or Essence de Parfum

The J'adore L'or Essence de Parfum is described by Dior as having all the gold of J'adore in an essential pure concentrate. The fragrance smells more intense than the original, but just as stunning.

22.Oud Ispahan EDP

Another fragrance from the Dior La Collection Privee, Oud Ispahan is a beautiful unisex fragrance which features woody and floral notes.

23.Dior Prestige La Creme Intensive Repairing Cream

Drawer 23 features the Dior Prestige La Creme Intensive Repairing Cream, an age defying cream for all skin types. Benefits are said to include visibly reversing the signs of ageing and the recovery of youthful radiance on the skin.

This jar is a travel sized 15ml and can be purchased in this size for £121 from Dior.

24.La 30 Montaigne Scented Candle

Complete in the same packaging and design as the Advent Calendar, the La 30 Montaigne Scented Candle completes the Dior Beauty Advent Calendar for 2023. The candle has a soft spicy scent and is the perfect keepsake along with the Christmas ornament.

Final Thoughts

The Dior Beauty Advent Calendar 2023 is not for everyone. In terms of value there will be differing opinions, however as a luxury Advent Calendar, unlike other Advent Calendars, it's not one to purchase to stock up on products for the year, or to grab a bargain.

It's the perfect calendar for Dior fans, or for those wanting to try a whole selection of Dior products without purchasing them individually at full price.

The calendar includes a great selection of fragrances, some female, male, unisex and some popular scents as well as some more premium scents.

Whilst there are repeats from the 2022 Dior Beauty Advent Calendar, these tended to be the most popular iconic products from Dior. It was nice to discover some new scents in candles and fragrances too.

The broken lipsticks were replaced after reaching out to Dior. The customer service once able to speak to someone was fantastic. The mini lipsticks were returned to Dior and replaced with full size versions and a full size La Baume as an apology.

Overall the calendar is a beautiful keepsake, definitely an improvement on the 2022 Advent Calendar and one which will be kept for years to come.