Girlboss Habits for Success

Having just celebrated International Women’s Day we’ve all heard about and seen the wonderful women all around us who are making a difference in the world and living their best lives. Hearing about all these incredible women definitely boosts my motivation to work on becoming the best version of myself and live my best life too! I mean, who isn’t inspired by all of these incredible stories?!

Success starts with you. Creating habits and sticking to them is one super important and a powerful step on your journey to success. Here are 7 girlboss habits for success to start you on your journey to becoming the best version of you. 

1. Get Enough Good Sleep

I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over, but getting enough sleep is more important than you think. And not only sleep, but the right type of sleep. Studies show that during your sleep time, you need REM sleep and Deep Sleep - two types of sleep which can only be achieved in the right circumstances, but that can make a huge impact to your health and performance, amongst other factors such as weight and skincare! 

To get the best possible sleep, make sure you head to bed at a reasonable time (this side of midnight!), aim for at least 7.5 hours sleep in a dark, cool room. Binaural beats can help you achieve the best type of sleep, so try playing these tracks on your iPad/laptop whilst you drift off, and let them play whilst you sleep. 

2. Build Your Girlboss Wardrobe

You’ve heard the saying ‘Dress For The Job You Want, Not the job you have’, right? Well that’s kind of what this means. Dressing like a girl boss - a.k.a dressing in the clothes that make you feel your absolute best - can really help you feel more confident, more successful and like a girlboss. And when you feel like a girlboss, you act like a girlboss and you attract success. So dress for success and feel incredible every day!

3. Plan & Prioritise

Success doesn’t just happen… it takes hard work, planning and determination - something which you can easily implement with a plan and a priority list. Whether you like to look at a big plan, or whether you like to create daily plans, it’s so important to prioritise your tasks. Tackle the biggest task first, the one which will create the biggest impact - and tick off the less important tasks later.

4. Avoid Procrastination

Do you ever sit down to complete a task and then before you know it, time has flown by and you’ve done nothing? Don’t worry, we have all been there… and more so in lockdown! Procrastination is easily one of the biggest hurdles to success. Making a list of tasks and scheduling them with set times can help to reduce procrastination. Using tools such as the Pomodoro timer can also help keep you on track and encourage you to finish tasks within the time.

5. Eat & Drink Better

If you’re on the journey to success, a healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind. Healthy food and drink gives you more energy and helps you feel refreshed and ready to check those tasks of your to-do list! 

6. Take Time For You 

All work and no play is a steady road to burnout. It’s really important to take time out for yourself, away from work and your busy schedule. This could be as simple as a daily walk, watching an episode of your fave show on Netflix or Facetiming with the girls. Whatever makes you feel happy! Just make sure to take the time - burnout won’t help you reach success.

7. Reflect & Reset

At the end of the week take some time to reflect on how your week has gone. Did you reach your goals? If not, why not? If you did, reward yourself. Regular reflection can help you stay on track to success and gives you the opportunity to press reset when things haven’t gone too well. Try to remember to look for the learning experience in every set back and remember that every day is a fresh start!