How To Prepare Your Skin for Summer

How To Prepare Your Skin for Summer

Just as you change your wardrobe when the seasons change, if you want to keep your skin in the best condition possible your skincare routine also needs a little revamp!  

In the winter we add lots of heavy moisturisers and thicker products to create a protective barrier against the cold weather and to keep our skin hydrated in a battle with indoor heaters which dry out the skin. 

But, in summer your skin needs the opposite...

Here are 7 ways to change up your skincare routine and prep your skin for summer. 

1. Cleanse twice a day

In warmer weather your skin produces more sebum and sweat which can lead to clogged pores. Wearing SPF can also do the same, so cleansing twice a day is essential to wash away dirt, sweat and impurities and prevent spots.

2. Use a lighter moisturiser

Switch out the thick, hydrating moisturiser for a lighter water-based one. Your moisturiser still needs to hydrate the skin so look out for hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Aloe vera is also a great ingredient for both the face and body to soothe the skin after sun exposure. 

3. Add an SPF

An SPF is essential to a skincare routine all year round, but if you don’t have an SPF in your skincare routine already then think about adding one. Whether you’re directly in the sun or not, UV rays can cause damage to the skin and also increase the ageing process!

4. Add serums

Serums and face masks are a great addition to a summer skincare routine to keep the skin hydrated and glowy.

5. Wear lighter makeup

Wearing a full face of makeup can feel heavy and tacky in warmer weather - I want nothing more than to wipe it off as soon as I’ve applied it! Try switching your foundation for a cc cream to give lighter coverage but so you still feel like you’re wearing makeup.

6. Exfoliate

The best way to get rid of dry skin and remove dead skin cells is by exfoliating. Revealing a fresh layer of skin can give a healthier more glowy look. Using a buffing brush on your body can help improve circulation and reduce collagen as well as exfoliating. When exfoliating, using a body scrub is fine, but for the face, try and stick with a chemical exfoliant (containing AHA’s) rather than a physical exfoliant that could damage the skin cells.

7. Tan

If you’re not looking forward to getting your summer wardrobe out without having a tan, try a fake tan! There are loads of different types on the market now, from mousse, cream and even tanning water. A gradual tanning product can also make such a difference. A product like the Tan Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Self Tan serum hydrates the skin whilst tanning at the same time. Always remember to cleanse and exfoliate the skin before applying tan and make sure to moisturise those awkward bits like elbows and kneecaps where tan tends to stick!