If there's one thing we know about Kylie, it's that she's always got another new collection or line of products up her sleeve for us to snap up in seconds. Whether it's a collaboration with one of her sisters, or a new holiday theme collection, we never have to wait long for something new.

This year Kylie's already launched new shades in her fave Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, a new eyebrow makeup line, launched a brand new skincare line, Kylie Skin and that's before mentioning collaborations with her sisters!

Kylie Cosmetics Under The Sea Collection Summer 2019 - Miss Boux

Last week Kylie announced the launch of her brand new Kylie Cosmetics Summer Makeup Collection - Under The Sea. The young billionaire took to Insta Stories to reveal the bundle of glittery beachy shades and talk us through the 11 products which make up the collection.

The packaging of course matches the Under The Sea theme, with the coral product boxes decorated in with gold foil coral reef patterns. It definitely looks more premium than the regular pink/black packaging!

Like with every full collection you can expect a new eyeshadow palette, lip shades and shimmers, but Kylie's thrown us a curve ball this time and included some brand new formulas too!

So let’s take a look at what the collection is made up of so you can start planning what you need to grab when it goes on sale on 10th July.


A beachy 12 pan eyeshadow palette made up of matte, shimmer, pressed glitter and pressed metallic glitter shades. The palette is predominantly champagne, coral and gold tones with a shimmery purple and teal green thrown in for a bit of variety.

Whilst you might have expected a blue shadow, in keeping with the name of the palette, Under The Sea, the teal/marine green ticks the box and makes for a nice change.

The mix of shades and textures makes the palette perfect for creating day time and night time looks and the pigmentation looks incredible! Kylie demonstrated the palette by swatching the shadows on an arm on her Insta Stories and wow... I don't know what she's done but these shadows seem much more pigmented and glittery than previous collections!

As expected Kylie has also given each shade super cute names to match the theme, including 'Sea Shell Kisses' and 'Be Pacific'.


This is one of the brand new formulas introduced to Kylie Cosmetics in this collection. There are four different shades and each one is a glitter addict's dream!

They look like sparkly eyeshadow pigment but the texture appears to be slightly thicker, almost as if it's mixed into a cream shadow - the consistency looks much more creamy than expected which should mean a lot less will drop when applying it.

The four shades are Ocean Child (gold), Night Swim (champagne/bronze), Deep Sea Dreams (rose gold) and Aqua Mama (metallic ocean blue).

Kylie showed us her ‘Glam’ look on Insta Stories using Deep Sea Dreams and Aqua Mama which looked super dreamy when blended together. Just like the eyeshadow palette, the shades are all super pigmented and glittery!


You Are The Sun is a brand new shade in the Kylie Cosmetics high gloss. Kylie showed us swatches of this on her Insta Stories and it looks like the perfect nude gloss infused with gold shimmer. I mean... if that doesn't scream summer then I don't know what does!

It's the perfect topper to wear over a lip kit or even a lipstick to add a shine... or it looks incred worn on it's own too.


Beach Bum Matte Lipstick -Kylie Cosmetics Under The Sea Collection Summer 2019 - Miss Boux

It wouldn't be a Kylie Cosmetics launch without some lip colours now would it?

Kylie's added three brand new shades to the matte lipsticks, Beach Bum, Endless Summer and Paradise Please.

Beach Bum is a soft peachy nude, Endless Summer is a pinky coral with a gold flip and Paradise Please is a warm peach coral. All three shades are matte, and Endless Summer doubles as a lipstick topper, looking amazing over a shade but also on the naked lip!


Lip Blush -Kylie Cosmetics Under The Sea Collection Summer 2019 - Miss Boux

This might look like your ordinary Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick but this is one of the brand new formulas - Lip Blush.

Available in 2 shades, Boss Bay and Bikini Bod, Kylie describes these as more of a tint than a gloss, making them much lighter on the lip and perfect for summer.

Kylie showed us Bikini Bod on her own lips, demonstrating how much lighter it looked. Bikini Bod is a warm rose shade whilst Boss Bay is a darker rosy terracotta. Both look much more sheer than the usual matte liquid lipticks and they both come in pearl white vials which look insane.


Each of the individual prices are listed by the products above, but as usual, Kylie is offering a bundle deal if you want to purchase the entire collection and even some smaller bundle deals:

Kylie Cosmetics Under The Sea Summer Collection 2019 - Miss Boux

This collection has got to be my fave collection since the Take Me On Vacation Collection in Summer 2017! The colours are so summery and the pigmentation is incredible!

Have you got your eye on any of the products? Let me know in the comments!

The full collection goes on sale at Kylie Cosmetics on 10 July 2019 at 3pm PST (11pm UK!).